3.25% is young, fun, flirty, and kinda gay. It's HOMO šŸ„›. We bring you cute and cool clothes, accessories, and in general, things to adorn yourself with.Ā Take a peek and if you like it buy it. Make yourself happy.

My inspiration

As long asĀ I can remember I have been obsessed with the 70's and 80's. My fondest childhood memoriesĀ are of me sitting in the back of my aunt's car looking at the speeding horizon while she would drive us to the beach. A mix tape that she probably made 10 years before would play the most popularĀ disco songs. We would hum to them joyfully, and sometimes we would all sing along to them in broken guesswork English. These are moments that would shape me.
Today, I'm a gay Latin man living in the great city of Toronto. Inspired by the quirky fashion of this melting pot, I decided to start my own brand where I can express all the emotions and images that these memories muster.
- Ricardo